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So… January 10, 2012

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I’ll save you the “oh, I’m sorry I didn’t post for such a long time ” blahblah blah blah.

Truthfully, I’m alright with not having posted. Mostly because I’ve been leading a pretty good life in the months between now and my last post.

I graduated. I got a new job. I became a permanent resident in Washington, D.C. I hung out with some great friends. Started to learn to ride a bike (!!!) and threw some awesome parties in the meantime.

Life was and is good.

I’m not saying I’m going to be a prolific writer again (see my previous blogs, not this one), but today, I felt the need to write.

Maybe it’s because I’m training again. This time for the Marine Corps marathon in October. I ran my first miles today — a rickety painful 3.03 that took me 45 minutes. Maybe I’m feeling vulnerable whereas during my absence, at my best, I felt invincible.

I’m not sure.

For some reason, some part of me today feels vulnerable. Like I’m on the cusp of something big and I’m not quite sure I’m prepared for it. (I’m not. Just saying it feels that way.)

Anyway, some friends and I have made our list of resolutions for this coming year. They don’t represent all of the things I want to accomplish, but it’s a start.

  1. Settle into my new job and own my beat. I’ve been kind of getting by and doing a lot of reactionary journalism. I’d like to become indispensible — or at the least, hella competent. In practice, this means I need to spend at least 30 minutes each morning reading news, maintaining and developing source relationships better and pitching more stories on my own. I’m going to aim for at least one analysis/features page story per month.
  2. Train for and complete another endurance event. I got accepted to run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler on April 1. A friend and I are planning to run the Marine Corps half or full marathon in October. This also is a double goal in that it gets me to exercise and use the gym membership that I’m currently paying for at Georgetown.
  3. Purge my house. I did round 1 of this in 2011, but I really need to do it again and really make sure that I am only surrounded by things that 1) bring me joy or 2) help me enjoy my life. I did the kitchen this weekend and got rid of an entire large Rubbermaid container of pots, dishes and other utensils. Feels good. I want that feeling all through my house.
  4. Decorate my house.  Again, I’m trying to make my home a place that brings me joy and helps me enjoy my life. I want my home to reflect the awesomeness of my life and the maturity befitting of a nearly 30 year old woman. I’ll be enlisting some help from my friend Soraya and my other fashionable friends to help me develop my aesthetic and get the most out of my space.
  5. Find an org/cause to volunteer with and do so at least once every 2 months. This is a recycled goal from last year, but I really want to get back into volunteering. I did so sporadically last year, but now that I’m settled in my apartment and new job, there’s really no excuse. I need to give back since I’ve been so blessed.
  6. (Continue) Learn(ing) to ride a bike AND go bike riding! I had two lessons with one of my awesome friends this fall, but Homecomings, school and general business kept me from having more. When we left, I could start pedaling by myself and ride unassisted for short distances. Our next lesson was to be on turning. I need to either continue lessons with him, or find a new teacher to help me along in the process. My goal will be to bike a portion of the bike trail once I master the skill.
  7. Get financial life in order. This means I will pay off my credit card debt, my loan and open a credit card solely for work expenses (so that my balance doesn’t get out of hand).
  8. Add at least $3000 to emergency account — I’ll be rebuilding my emergency savings account and establishing funds for leisure and my camera fund. But it seems $3,000 is a popular — and attainable – goal.
  9. Throw at least four gatherings.  I like to entertain. And I don’t do it enough. The Blaxploitation Extravaganza is now an annual event, but I want to start entertaining more. I figure at least one party per season is a fair goal. I can always do more if the mood strikes me.  Already on tap for 2012 — January: Tacos & Taboo; February: Blaxploitation Extravaganza – Feature titles – “Pootie Tang” & “The Mack”
  10. Strengthen relationship with God. Did minimal soul searching while I was in school — almost as a reflex of being in a very strict church in RI. I do miss having a closer relationship with God and I’d like to develop one again. I need to decide they type of relationship I want with God and commit to doing what it takes to achieve that relationship.
  11. Be more purposeful in my interactions. I am a control freak. I’m bossy. But in the nicest way possible. I need to allow myself to receive more and be okay with relinquishing control sometimes. Additionally, I want to be more purposeful about how I allow people to treat me, what I tolerate and what I expect from people. I need to demand better treatment from those in my life, or those seeking a place within it.
  12. Guest Goal: Find my “cute” — I’ve got a style, apparently, but I don’t have a beauty look: something from the neck up that defines me. So my challenge is to look in the mirror, decide what I want to highlight and find a way to rock it in an amazing way. This will require some experimentation. Tentatively, I’m thinking that awesome hair and played up eyes will be my things since they tentatively are, what I feel, my best assets.