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On Juice (or Drink) September 21, 2010

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So, I realize I’m wrong about this. But I never ever ever thought of Country Time Lemonade as drink until my good friend, Gene, pointed it out to me.

This was a real conversation we had whilst eating hummus in my living room just now:

Me: I’m a big juice drinker, but I think I’ll even limit my kid’s intake of real 100 percent juice. I’ll give them water and milk instead.

Gene: Real juice as opposed to fake juice.

Me: *laugh* right. No, I mean like, I won’t have them drinking like, red drink.

Gene: You won’t give your kids drink?

Me: I won’t give them anything that I don’t drink myself and I don’t drink drink. I don’t just sit around drinking gallons of red drink!

Gene: So you don’t drink drink, so if you drink it, then it isn’t drink?

Me: No. I just don’t drink drink like that.

Gene: So you don’t drink like, grape drink or anything powdered.

Me: *side eye* I’ve got Country Time in my cupboard now, but Country time isn’t drink. It’s lemonade.

Gene: *blank stare*

Me: It’s not drink.

Gene: If I pour water in Fun Dip, it’s just water in Fun Dip. If I pour water in Country Time, that’s drink.

Me: But I put lemons in it!


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