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Ground swell for Groundwork September 15, 2010

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Gene & I after putting in some treadmill miles earlier this year

My boy, Gene, is running the New York Marathon in November.

This is beyond huge.

The New York Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the world. It’s up there with the Boston and Chicago Marathons as THE race for long-distance runners in the United States. And he’s been training like crazy for it so I know he’s going to kill it handily.

But beyond it being his first marathon, and a major milestone (he’s coming up on three decades on Earth), he’s running for an absolutely fabulous cause. He’s one of ten runners who’ll be representing Groundwork Inc.(, a non-profit in Brooklyn that works with young kids in East New York, which boasts some of the highest rates of poverty in the city. Groundwork focuses on early childhood development, helping to cultivate the kind of skills and provide the kind of resources that that so many kids who grow up poor don’t have.

His goal is to raise $2500 for Groundwork by Nov. 14. Any amount you’d be willing to donate would be appreciated. You can click here, or donate at:

Give what you can and help out this great organization — and encourage Gene in the process!


One Response to “Ground swell for Groundwork”

  1. bctw Says:

    Go Gene!

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