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Labor Day September 8, 2010

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The week is half over, and I got it off to start with a small bang. For Labor Day, I had no plans so instead of sitting around the house and sulking, I decided to throw a small gathering at my house.

I provided the venue, music and some vittles. Then we had guest bring some food as well.

There was two kinds of chicken, fried corn and pasta salad.

My friend, Mark, brought his juicer and a gangload of fruit. So we had peach juice, strawberry juice, watermelon juice, (and mojitos for the mature crowd).

As Veronica said, “This juice makes me feel invincible.” It was that good.

It was a nice intermediate housewarming party for my new place. Plus I got to spend the holiday with some people I really like.


One Response to “Labor Day”

  1. dbaham Says:

    heeeey! that’s me! heehee

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