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Oh You Fancy, Huh? September 5, 2010

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So I realized why I have such a hard time finding clothes that I like.

My tastes are entirely too expensive for my wallet.

I tried this dress on today at Bloomingdales.

Soraya and I had gone there to look at the furniture staging (she’s decorating my house) and we stopped because the Diane von Furstenberg section caught my eye. It’s bright. It’s classic. It’s just gorgeous. I tried on another dress, but this one was a stunner.

When I tell you this dress made me feel like a million dollars, I’m telling you this dress was bad. All silk, but substantial silk. Good tailoring. Fit like a glove. Then I looked at the price.

$545. (Though DvF is selling it on their website for $381.50, in case anyone wants to get me a housewarming present.)

Like, if you know me, you know my style is fairly classic. Some would say plain. The issue is partly I’m not a big fan of cheap looking things, and then also, I’m hesitant to accessorize as much as I potentially could.

So you might not see me in leggings. Or whatever else might be in style this season.

But a dress like this? This, I could do.

(Soraya took pics of me in the dress, so when I get them, I’ll post them.)


One Response to “Oh You Fancy, Huh?”

  1. sagemag Says:

    I hear ya! I really like expensive things but I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much. That’s a really cute dress though.

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