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First Day August 30, 2010

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This is how I chose to present myself during my very first day of Law School. I think I did alright.

Classes were actually pretty cool. I had Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure. Apparently two juggernauts, but my teachers seem friendly and approachable. At the very least, they weren’t anything like the teachers you assume you’ll encounter in law school.

My Civ Pro teacher actually played this clip from Legally Blonde:

And just for the record, in Gordon v. Steele, diversity jurisdiction did exist. (Diversity jurisdiction means that the federal court is able to hear a case because it involves a dispute of a certain amount of money between, among others, residents of two different states.)

civil procedure actually looks like it might be fun. (I know, shock.)) The teacher is interesting. He starts the class like, “What should we do during he first minute of law school? I know! I will call the roll.”

He picks up a piece of paper.

“Roll. Roll! Roll! Where are you? Roll?”

Then he goes into the hall. When he comes back in the class, he has a dinner roll dragging behind him on invisible string.

“Oh! Roll! There you are!”

Then he picks up the roll and bites it. (I silently cringed at that part.) Later in the class, he was talking about civil procedure and how it doesn’t matter what the word is, so much, but what definition of that word is most beneficial to you and that you can get the court to believe.

“What instance have we seen today where one word had two meanings?”

A kid raises his  hand, “malpractice?”

“No. Not malpractice. Do you want a hint?”

He flashes a picture of the dinner roll on the projector. So even though the subject is dry, it seems at least he will keep it entertaining.

Constitutional Law will be an issue, I can see that now. It’s so dense and as they talked today, I realized I’d read the material, but I didn’t understand it all. So I couldn’t really participate. That’s fine for the first day, when they take volunteers; not so fine when they start cold calling you to answer their questions.

So I was in class from 9:40 this morning until 12:30 — now I’m done for the day. I’ve got a work study interview at 4 pm and I’m going to do the reading for my torts class tomorrow.

All in all, I think I survived the first day of law school unscathed. We’ll see how day two goes.


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