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I will survive August 29, 2010

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So, after that first day of law school orientation — things got better.

I also realized where my apprehension and nervousness came from: I thought I didn’t belong here.

As I was meeting my classmates, I was just continually and thoroughly impressed with their resumes. Ivy League schools. Study abroad and backpacking trips to countries I would love to go. They were going to be lawyers — all I’m getting is a *lowly* masters degree.

Then I realized that I have every right to be here, just like they do.

Sure I didn’t take the LSAT or the GRE. And sure, I’m the only one in my class. And yeah, I’m a journalist and not going to be a lawyer.

But I’m impressive. And beyond that, I’m doing this so that I can do better at something that I love to do. And when I tell people that I’m a journalist, I get ohhs and ahhs.

Yeah, I belong here.

It helped, though, that I also found some friends. That was huge. They’re a little younger than me, but they’re amazing and funny and I love them already. Like, they’re the kind of people that make you smile when you lock eyes with them from across the room. It’s great. Plus, I went to a session from the Black Law Students Association today, so it helped me not feel like the lone speck of pepper in a sea of salt.

Yeah, I’ll be alright. I will survive.

Long as I can get through my reading.


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